Joe Rogan shines a spotlight on UFC GOAT Jon Jones’ tiny calves

It’s been nearly two decades since Joe Rogan first stepped into the realm of UFC. Back in 1997 at UFC 12, Rogan commenced his journey as a backstage interviewer.

Fast forward to 2002, Rogan is now a color commentator who is a well-known face at UFC events.

Joe Rogan’s influence extends beyond the commentator’s booth. Recently, he shed light on the curious case of UFC legend Jon Jones and his notably small calf muscles during an episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast.

During the podcast discussion with distinguished neuroscientist Andrew Huberman, Rogan couldn’t help but emphasize on the topic. He said, “Jon Jones has the smallest calves of any man I have ever seen who is an elite athlete, and obviously he is an elite athlete.”

Huberman echoed Rogan’s sentiment, delving into the significance of an athlete’s legs and how they factor into their performance. The seasoned UFC color commentator continued to compliment Jones’ physique and said that he believes it to be the ideal body.

Rogan added: “So, look at him there, even at 255lbs, he has very small calves. Its really unusual for someone who is built the way he is. He’s whole thing is he is the best at controlling distance because he is very tall. He is really like the perfect build for fighting.”


The question arises: how does Jon Jones, with his 6’4″ frame and an 84″ reach, generate such formidable power in his leg kicks despite his seemingly small calves?

One crucial factor influencing calf size is the placement of the muscle belly. In Jones’ case, his calves attach high to the Achilles tendon, resulting in shorter calf muscles and a longer Achilles tendon.

Genetics often play a silent yet influential role in an athlete’s physique. In Jon Jones’ case, it’s plausible that his genetic makeup contributes to the peculiar size of his calves.

Genetics not only dictate muscle growth potential but also influence the distribution of body fat. Interestingly, individuals like Jones tend to shed leg fat before fat from other areas like the back or stomach.

Remarkably, Jon Jones’ performance has remained largely unaffected by his calf size. His near invincibility in the octagon positions him as one of the greatest combatants in the history of UFC.