Joe Rogan scolds Dalai Lama: “Yeah, don’t tell the kid to suck your tongue”

Joe Rogan  recently spoke about the controversial viral incident of Dalai Lama in his JRE #1969 podcast with Sam Tallent.

As always, Rogan shared his opinion on sensitive issues surrounding the internet, and this time, it was about the Dalai Lama’s video.

In the podcast, Rogan and Tallent talked about the Dalai Lama’s video, and both of them shared their opinion on the matter.

Rogan started the discussion by saying, “Your dad’s friend who doesn’t get laid anymore. Doesn’t have a video of him sucking on a kid’s tongue. Like what the f*ck man!”.

Tallent added his take, saying, “It’s probably a VHS tape… Dalai Lama also said at one point, ‘We gotta keep Europe for Europeans’. He’s like too many refugees are coming in… Hey Dalai Lama, just let the kids sit on your lap. That’s enough.”

Rogan then added, “Yeah. Hey, dude. How about don’t do that? Quit smooching the kids in general.”

Rogan shared his controversial opinion on Dalai Lama’s video.

He said, “Yeah, don’t tell the kid to suck your tongue. There seems that there should be some jail time for something like that.”

Furthermore, while reading what his team provided, Rogan added, “In Tibet, taking out one’s tongue is known as a traditional greeting stemming from a 9th-century myth about an unpopular king with a black tongue… Tongue sucking does not have to be a part of the tradition.”

Rogan concluded by saying that Dalai Lama “crossed the line” and went away “scot-free.” Tallent added, “The PR team is working hard to spin on that one.”

Joe Rogan is known for sharing his opinion on sensitive issues surrounding the internet. Regardless of the controversy surrounding the issue, it is crucial to respect each other’s boundaries and refrain from any activity that may harm others.