Joe Rogan refuses to throw Goggins under the bus: There is definitely some ground to gain when it comes to endurance

UFC competitor Tony Ferguson has encountered a distressing downfall over the last three and a half years. His journey has seen six consecutive losses, four of which ended inside the distance.

Currently, Ferguson sets his sights on redemption against Paddy Pimblett during the UFC 296 main card scheduled for December 16.

Acknowledging the necessity for a pivotal change, Ferguson has partnered closely with David Goggins. He is a retired Navy SEAL acclaimed for his motivational content showcased through grueling workouts and uplifting messages.

Despite Ferguson’s proactive approach, skepticism shrouds his collaboration with Goggins within the MMA community. Critics argue that rather than addressing fundamental deficiencies, Ferguson might succumb to overtraining.

Ferguson’s amazing cardio and mental fortitude seemingly clash with the need for Goggins’ intense regimen.

Contrary to widespread skepticism, Joe Rogan has offered his optimistic views. During a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan remarked, “I’m very interested to see Tony [Ferguson] after he’s been training with David Goggins. There’s a lot of like very mixed reviews about whether or not that would be a good thing or a bad thing for him…”

“Clearly, when the two of them are training together, David is not struggling at all, and Tony is struggling. There is definitely some ground to gain when it comes to endurance…There’s without a doubt some benefit in that.”

It’s not only the MMA world that has questioned David Goggins. The 48-year-old has been accused of having dubious exercise regimens, lying about his past, and being despised by other Navy SEALs.

Addressing the controversy surrounding Goggins, Rogan adamantly defended him. He said: “Weak men hate him. Weak me and jealous men and people who don’t know him. He gets misunderstood, unfortunately, by some people that I like. They don’t look into it hard enough.”

As Ferguson endeavors to resuscitate his career through Goggins’ training, only time will unveil how efficient this partnership is. On the other hand, Paddy Pimblett aims to extend his UFC record to an impressive 5-0.