Joe Rogan reacts to Ukrainian boxing stars joining Ukraine resistance

Joe Rogan has been eagerly watching what’s been happening in the world. While Rogan is used to providing combat sports commentary – he’s less keen to analyze war but the combat sports and war seem to interject in Ukraine.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine remains a hot topic. Very early on Ukraine had many famous fighters rally to defend the country. Among those who joined were Klitschko brothers (former world heavyweight champion Wladimir and WBO title holder Vitali), the two-weight boxing champion Oleksandr Usyk and WBO featherweight champion Vasiliy Lomachenko.

Lomachenko and Usyk joining the resistance in particular affected one Russian soldier so much his entire perspective shifted.

During the episode featuring Michael Bisping, Rogan reacted to this development.

Rogan said, “He is such a – I love that guy. I fucking love them and I really I know that Usyk is supposed to fight (Anthony) Joshua… knows what’s gonna happen now because Usyk is literally fighting the Russians in Ukraine. Oh, him, Lomachenko, Wladimir (Klitchko)… God bless those guys. Those are real warriors. I mean, they didn’t hesitate.”

Later he added, “That whole scene is so horrible. And who knows how that plays out? I mean, it’s so- it’s such a scary time.”

In the end he concluded:
“I think if what the terrifying thing is it all comes down to nuclear war. Toughness does not it doesn’t matter doesn’t mean anything doesn’t matter. But that’s what’s scary is like if someone’s willing to shoot missiles into apartment buildings and do the s–t that Putin has already done in Ukraine. What? Like, where’s online? Like, where’s he willing to draw the line?”

Usyk only recently won the world title by beating the former champion, Anthony Joshua, with a dominant performance. He was rumored to be rematching Joshua prior to the invasion – now it looks like Otto Wallin will be stepping in to box Joshua.