Joe Rogan Reacts to Sean Strickland confronting would be carjacker: ‘That’s Karma’

Reigning UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland has recently found himself at the center of attention. He was recently involved in a startling incident where he pulled a g*n on an individual he suspected of being a burglar.

Strickland released a video of the incident on his social media. The video started with a guy who seemed to be hanging around Strickland’s vehicle outside his house. It then showed Strickland leaving his front door.

The following day, Strickland posted another video where he was shown waving a pistol at the guy before he was allegedly taken into custody.

Renowned podcaster and commentator Joe Rogan offered his insights into this situation on a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

He said: “Did you see his house got broken into? What a wrong house to break into. Out of all the houses to f*ck with, that guy. UFC middleweight champion who is a g*n nut and really knows how to use g*ns. He trains. Every photo that he has or when he does YouTube videos, there’s f*cking ARs on the wall behind him. He’s not f*cking around kid. He’s ready. He’s hilarious and so marketable, like an anti-hero, but also a hero.”

“I don’t know what the guy was doing. It seems like the guy was just obliterated drunk and [Strickland] thought the guy was trying to rob him. I think the guy was just sh*tfaced and was just looking for his keys or something.”

According to Strickland’s social media post, the person in question allegedly got into a domestic altercation before trying to run away from local security. He struck a curb while driving, blowing out his tire. After that, the accused got out of the car and tried to hide between two parked cars, one of which was Strickland’s.

This series of events prompted Strickland to intervene.

Rogan added, “That’s karma. That is the universe sending you to the wrong spot. He was such a c*nt that the universe guided him to the absolute worst place he could ever be while he just did those things. Stomped out a girl, drove drunk, drove his car into a curb, ditched it, and tried to hide at the absolute wrong spot.”

Reflecting on Strickland’s noteworthy victory against Israel Adesanya in September, Rogan also commended Strickland’s performance.

Rogan stated, “He’s behaving like a wild young contender, but he’s the number one guy on earth. People can say what they want about that Adesanya fight. ‘Oh, Izzy wasn’t himself.’ Dude, Izzy wasn’t himself because he got clipped by a bomb of a right hand by Strickland in that first round.”

“Strickland connected with a picture-perfect right hand, rocked Izzy, and then hit him with how many shots? Eight, 10 clean shots to the head. Left hooks in the clinch. Of course, he wasn’t himself after that.”

“You get hit like that in a fight, you’re in f*cksville for the rest of the fight. He probably doesn’t remember those rounds. Who knows how dinged up he got? Only he knows. Only Izzy knows how badly he got hurt in that first round, but when you get rocked that way, your legs go out, and you go down, that’s a concussion.”

Strickland is currently preparing for his first title defence at UFC 297 against Dricus Du Plessis in January.