Joe Rogan reacts to interviewer mixing up him and Dana White in viral clip

UFC CEO Dana White recently found himself in the midst of a viral moment that had both combat sports fans and netizens buzzing. The incident occurred during a segment on a show hosted by former ESPN anchor Sage Steele. In an amusing mix-up, Steele mistakenly referred to White as Joe Rogan.

No stranger to such moments, Whire took the gaffe in good humor.

Additionally, UFC commentator Joe Rogan acknowledged that such mishaps are part of being in the spotlight. Rogan stated: “People call me Dana – People go, ‘Oh, it’s Dana!’ I go, ‘No, I’m the other dude.’ It happens all the time. I think she just made a mental flub… When you’re doing a podcast and you’re interviewing someone, especially if you haven’t done a lot of them and it’s a high-profile thing and you’re doing Dana White, you’re always thinking of what to say…She handled it the right way…kept it in there. She didn’t edit it out. It’s funny…”

The incident gained traction within the UFC community, with notable figures such as Din Thomas, John Rallo, and Matt Serra chiming in. Serra said that he was often mistaken for Rogan and White. A similar sentiment was expressed by Rogan himself. He thus didn’t give the former ESPN anchor’s error much thought. He even praised Steele for the way she handled it.

White said in the interview that he often gets confused with other individuals. It seems like the non-combat fan base often confuses him with celebrities like Canadian comedian and TV personality Howard Mandel.

The joke that Dana White and Joe Rogan look similar is not new. But when former ESPN anchor Sage Steele confused one for another, the situation took on unprecedented proportions. The significant mishap quickly gained popularity online and became viral. However, Rogan capitalized on its internet fame for his next comedic tour.

Rogan is going to be at Comedy Mothership in Austin for a three-day event. Named Anti-Cancel Culture Club, this event is his ‘passion project.’ He responded to the joke about him and White’s similarities and used it to promote ‘Joe Rogan and Friends.’

On Instagram, Joe Rogan posted about the event with Dana White’s face on the poster.