Joe Rogan reacts to Arnold Allen robbery after series of knees on grounded opponent

The adrenaline-charged UFC 297 event kicked off with a controversial encounter between Movsar Evloev and Arnold Allen. This featherweight match was a closely contested affair. But it took an unexpected turn, sparking debates within the MMA community.

Both competitors have commendable records, with Evloev at 18-0 and Allen at 19-3 in pro-MMA.

The opening round witnessed an equilibrium, with both competitors showcasing prowess almost evenly. In the second round, Evloev delivered a strong combination. He targeted Allen’s left eye area, causing a momentary setback. Despite this setback, Allen showcased resilience and bounced back impressively during the break before the pivotal third round.

Throughout the match, Evloev displayed superior wrestling skills. But Allen approached the final round with determination. Successfully thwarting Evloev’s takedown attempts, Allen launched a series of legal knees.

As Allen executed these knees, Evloev’s hand briefly lifted off the canvas. This aligns with the regulations of a legal strike. However, referee Marc Goddard intervened to call a timeout and caution Allen.

Persisting in his offensive onslaught after the timeout, Allen couldn’t secure a finish. The match concluded with a decision. Evloev ended up winning via unanimous decision with 29-28 victory.

Renowned UFC commentator Joe Rogan was absent from the event in Canada. He shared his insights during the JRE Fight Companion livestream with Eddie Bravo, Joey Diaz, and Brendan Schaub.

Rogan expressed profound disappointment in the referee’s decision, asserting the legality of Allen’s knee strikes. He emphatically stated, “That’s legit, that’s legit. He lifts his hands up. 100% legit. He is lifting him up to land the knee, that’s totally legal.”

Rogan further opined, “I think he did nothing wrong. I think he did what you’re supposed to do. Every knee was landed with your hand off the mat. Lifted him up for every knee. It’s totally legitimate.”

According to Rogan, the referee’s intervention robbed Allen of the opportunity to capitalize on the knees and seek a decisive finish.