Joe Rogan praises Jake Paul’s skills as a promoter seeing what he’s done with his boxing career

In a recent episode of the JRE MMA show, Joe Rogan bestowed high praise upon Jake Paul and hailed the YouTuber-turned-boxer as “the man.”

Since venturing into the world of professional combat sports, Jake Paul has garnered admiration from various experts, competitors, and even ardent fans.

Among his supporters is none other than the legendary Mike Tyson, who has been an advocate for him. Tyson often playfully talks about the prospect of facing off Jake Paul in the ring.

Initially, Joe Rogan was somewhat skeptical. But he has since firmly aligned himself with both Jake and his brother Logan.

The UFC commentator consistently talks about Jake’s formidable skills, staunchly defending him against allegations of staged matches. He asserts that the YouTuber possesses actual skills, dismissing critics as misguided.

As Logan gears up to face Dillon Danis, their names popped up in episode 147 of Rogan’s JRE MMA show. On the episode, UFC Bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley appeared as a guest.

During the episode, Rogan characterized Danis as a “great troll” and took a moment to commend Jake as well.

Rogan and O’Malley delved into the contemporary issue of combatants outsourcing their brand promotion. Joe emphasized that this practice often hinders competitors from realizing their full financial potential. This is a pitfall that Jake deftly avoids.

Just prior to discussing Logan’s impending clash with Dillon, Rogan stated: “Jake Paul is the f**king man. Like, what he’s done is pretty amazing.”

Returning to the topic of Jake, Rogan underscored that the Ben Askren bout proved more lucrative for the former MMA star than his entire UFC career combined.

These days, Jake promotes more than just his own bouts. His Most Valuable Promotions brand has a growing roster of combatants, with Amanda Serrano being the largest.

Jake has expressed his commitment to continue this venture even after hanging up his gloves, signalling his enduring presence in the combat sports game.