Joe Rogan praises Aaron Rodgers for not taking the ‘McGregor’ route to recovery

NFL superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers recently appeared on the Joe Rogan’s podcast. He talked about rupturing his Achilles Tendon in a match against the Buffalo Bills in September 2023.

Contrary to expectations, Rodgers made a remarkable comeback without resorting to PEDs. In Rogan’s opinion, Rodgers’ journey was the opposite of Conor McGregor’s.

At UFC 264 in July 2021, McGregor suffered a from fractured leg. After that, he decided to take PEDs in order to recover faster.

Joe Rogan lauded Rodgers for his recovery, expressing his admiration for the quarterback’s commitment to ethical practices.

Rogan stated, “What’s interesting is that there’s stuff that you can do that you didn’t do because it’s not allowed, which is very admirable on your part, but I would have f*cking done it. I would have done everything, like let’s go. I would have gone the full Conor McGregor route.”

Rogan had previously commented on Conor McGregor’s recovery journey, including a humorous note about McGregor’s urine melting a USADA testing cup. This led to a McGregor angrily mocking Rogan for his remarks. However, Rogan later clarified that McGregor was clean.

Interestingly, Rogan has openly endorsed the idea of combatants using stuff for improved health.

Joe Rogan is a strong advocate of Testosterone Replacement Therapy and attributes his well-being to this. Additionally, he supports the use of cannabis. He praised the removal of cannabis from the list of banned substances by the USADA and the UFC.

The global pandemic prompted significant changes worldwide, impacting various industries. The UFC maintained its regular operations. But other sports leagues, such as the NFL and NBA, faced disruptions.

Notably, Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers chose not to get vaccinated.

Miscommunication led the NFL and the Packers to believe Rodgers had received the vaccination. When he became ill, it was discovered that Rodgers was not vaccinated. Although that sparked a lot of criticism, Joe Rogan defended him.