Joe Rogan plays PR for UFC: Fighters wasting their careers outside UFC

Joe Rogan has expressed a controversial desire to see all stars under one roof, specifically the UFC.

Despite various organizations like Professional Fighters League (PFL), RIZIN Fighting Federation, and ONE Championship boasting global talent, Rogan questions the worthiness of careers spent outside the UFC.

Speaking on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Rogan acknowledged the presence of excellent starsin other organizations but expressed skepticism about the impact of their careers.

He stated, “No disrespect to the other organizations, there’s very good fighters in the other organizations, but I often feel like they’re wasting their career. Because I see these elite fighters that are fighting in Bellator or PFL, and I’m like, ‘Hey, guys, no one’s watching.'”

Rogan acknowledged the existing fanbases for these organizations but emphasized the stark reality. Drawing a parallel to football, he compared the UFC to the NFL, suggesting that if a fighter isn’t in the UFC, it questions whether they are truly playing at the highest level.

As 2023 comes to a close, the MMA landscape has witnessed significant changes, with PFL acquiring Bellator. While crossovers have occurred from UFC to other organizations, Rogan emphasized the unique allure of being a UFC champion. He expressed admiration for Bellator champions but added, “There’s this feeling of being in the UFC that everyone dreams of. You want Bruce Buffer right in front of you going, ‘It’s time!’ And you’re like, ‘Holy s—t.’”

Rogan’s perspective sheds light on the ongoing debate about the prominence and recognition that come with being associated with the UFC in the competitive world of MMA.