Joe Rogan pitches UFC on not resetting positions in MMA at the start of each round

In a recent podcast episode, UFC commentator and martial arts enthusiast Joe Rogan pitched a game-changing idea for professional mixed martial arts competitions. Rogan suggested that fighters should restart each round in the same position they ended the previous round, adding a new layer of strategy and excitement to the sport.

Rogan argued that this rule change would eliminate advantages gained by fighters who are taken down at the end of a round, only to start fresh in a standing position in the next round. He believes that this would make the sport more authentic, as it would simulate a continuous contest rather than a series of individual rounds.

“If a guy takes you down and gets you mounted at the end of the first round, I feel like you should start mounted in the second round,” Rogan explained. “That’s crazy. It sounds like you should start fighting… It is a fight, right? It’s not five individual fights.”

Rogan’s proposal would significantly alter the dynamics of MMA competition. Fighters would need to be more cautious in the final minutes of each round, as their position and momentum would carry over into the next round. This could lead to more strategic and intense fighting, as competitors would need to think several moves ahead to gain an advantage.

In a five-round contest, the benefit of starting each round in a standing position would be substantial. Fighters like Holloway, known for their exceptional stand-up skills, would gain a significant advantage under the current rules. By restarting in the same position, the playing field would be leveled, and fighters would need to adapt quickly to capitalize on their opponents’ mistakes.

Rogan’s suggestion has sparked debate within the MMA community, with some arguing that it would increase the physical toll on fighters, while others see it as a way to promote more dynamic and unpredictable fights.

While the practicality and feasibility of implementing such a rule change remain to be seen, Rogan’s proposal has ignited an important conversation about the future of MMA. As the sport continues to evolve, innovative ideas like Rogan’s can help take MMA to the next level, providing fans with more thrilling and competitive matchups.