Joe Rogan laments going in hard on Liver King: ‘That guy works hard’

Joe Rogan recently expressed his opinions about Liver King and the significant lawsuit that has been filed against him. The UFC commentator was talking about what went wrong with Liver King (aka Brian Johnson) on his ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast.

Speaking on his podcast, Joe Rogan commended Liver King’s work ethic while shedding light on his deceitful actions. Rogan emphasized that Johnson’s remarkable physique was a result of relentless hard work.

He also talked about Johnson’s failure to disclose the truth about using PEDs and the missed chance to discuss the pros, cons, and risks associated with it.

Rogan stated: “You don’t get that way without putting a lot of work. That guy works hard, there’s no way you get there without the hard work. Like, the real tragedy in this is that this guy had an opportunity to say what’s possible with chemical intervention. ‘Here’s the pros and cons [of using PEDs] and this is the dangers of it. And also this is the nutrition that I take to optimize my body which is also critical.”

As a fitness social media personality, Johnson advocates for “ancestral living” and promotes the consumption of liver and raw organs. This led his fans to mistakenly attribute his impressive physique solely to his unique diet. Brian Johnson now finds himself entangled in a $25 million lawsuit as he lied to his audience.

Johnson subsequently published a confession and apology. The self-proclaimed ‘Liver King’ had garnered a substantial following of approximately 5 million viewers by attributing his hyper masculine physique to ancestral living.

However, leaked emails exposed his use of modern PEDs. It revealed that Johnson was spending over $11,000 per month on performance enhancers.

Johnson released a video on his YouTube channel, openly admitting to his use of PEDs.

Unfortunately for him, this admission coincided with the initiation of a $25 million class-action lawsuit. The lawsuit alleged that Johnson and his company misled customers through deceptive and “cult-like” practices.

In his interview with ABC News Studios, Johnson stated: “People say all the time, ‘Oh, he just said he’s sorry because he got caught.’ Well yeah, that’s completely true. I’m not really saying I’m sorry because I got caught, I’m saying I’m sorry because what I did was wrong, and this was the whole thing that brought it to light.”

Johnson acknowledged the truth in their remarks but emphasized that his remorse stemmed from recognizing the wrongfulness of his actions.

Furthermore, Johnson revealed that the use of PEDs had enabled him to lead a thrilling life. He discussed how they helped him combat feelings of inadequacy and exhaustion resulting from compulsive exercise.

Interestingly, this aligns with Joe Rogan’s perspective as he previously stated that Johnson could have utilized his platform to provide a balanced discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of PED use.