Leaked emails reveal Liver King’s extensive PED abuse, Stack revealed

Liver King has been a media darling for the better part of 2022. Liver King (born Brian Johnson) became a star on tiktok and quickly started breaking into mainstream.

Recently he had a string of high profile podcast guest spots including Impaulsive. During his many podcast appearances he denied PED use – even though one notable media personality wasn’t buying his schtick – Joe Rogan.

‘Liver king drives me nuts. Because it’s clear, that guy’s on [PEDs].’ Rogan previously told neuroscientist Andrew Huberman adding that regardless of that his genetics are also like “.000001% of human population”.

Rogan called him out on PED abuse several times. Last time during a podcast with friend Bert Kreisher.

Kreischer was a part of Rogan’s fitness challenge and admired Rogan’s physique.

Kreischer: “Your picture, I hope you don’t mind, it’s unreal. I wanted to leak it.”

Rogan admitted:

“I’m on testosterone, unlike the Liver King. I’ll tell you the truth.”

And as it turns out, Liver King is allegedly also on a $15,000 a month hormone cycle.

Derek of More Plates More dates recently did an hour long video on leaked emails and found similar emails in his own inbox – of Johnson’s team requesting a consult for him to dial in his PED use.

Derek shared the following with his fans:

The list includes Human growth hormone, testosterone and peptides. So not only is he taking PEDs, he’s doing quite a bit to achieve his physique.

While anyone who has eyes suspected Liver King of PED use, his repeated denials and use of his extraordinary physique to market his supplements are eyebrow raising.

Liver King also revealed his routine and that he, in fact, does eat as much raw meat as he preaches. However he also revealed he struggles to get 8 hours a night despite what his ‘ancestral tenants’ might say.

Detailed analysis and bloodwork will reportedly be analyzed in a video yet to be published.