Joe Rogan joins The Rock for a workout despite previously calling him out for being on PEDs

Due to Rogan’s ability to bring in major names and have both funny and thought-provoking chats, The Joe Rogan Experience has become one of the largest podcasts in the world.

Rogan recently welcomed The Rock as a guest in its November 15, 2023 episode. The anticipation for this episode had been sky-high as it marked the WWE Hall of Famer’s first appearance on the show.

Additionally, Joe Rogan even accused him of taking PEDs in his training regimen. During the late months of 2022, Rogan had subtly nudged Johnson to to “come clean” while addressing the alleged unnatural practices of the Liver King.

“The Rock should come clean right now! He should make a video in response to the liver king video, ‘I need to talk to you because The Rock’s been lying.’ There’s not a f***ing chance in hell he’s clean, not a chance in hell, as big as The Rock is, at 50.” – Rogan joked.

Rogan might have a bone to pick with Johnson. While Rogan was in the eye of the storm, Johnson initially sided with him – and accepted the Covid 19 apology Rogan first posted. This was likely an attempt to secure a spot on the broadcast to promote his business Teremana Blanco.

Bur Johnson condemned Rogan a day later after a suspicious NGO reminded Johnson of the N-word compilation that was used to cancel him at the time

Rogan added: “There’s a responsibility that you have to people that are listening to you. If you don’t wanna talk about it, that’s one thing. But if you do talk about it, there’s a responsibility that you have to the people that are listening to you. and I think you have to be honest. Which is why I’m honest about it.”

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking hormone replacement. I think it’s wise, I think it’s healthier, I feel way better than I did before I was doing it and I started doing it when I was like 37-38.”

“And even then, I was just taking like the cream. I was taking a testosterone cream and like right away I was like ‘Oh my god! I feel so much better. Like everything felt better. I don’t think it’s wrong. I think it’s smart. But you gotta be honest.”

This led to a period of apparent distance between Rogan and The Rock. However, recent developments have reshaped this dynamic.

Not only did Rogan have the Fast and Furious actor on his show, but he also got in a crazy workout with him. It seems like the two have gotten over their past differences and reconciled.

Dwayne Johnson said on JRE: “That was a blast. Dude that was three hours. You and me, we had a f*cking banging workout. Then we did the sauna, we did the cold plunge, we did the whole experience.”

“We did the sauna again. The cold plunge man… that was great. And I love what you’re doing down here by the way with the boys. Getting them down here, giving them the opportunity to get after it, not only their craft, but to get in shape.”

Joe Rogan’s Instagram offered additional glimpses into the session. His post highlighted the involvement of some of his close acquaintances, including comedian Shane Gillis.

With this long-awaited collaboration now realized, the possibilities seem boundless. Perhaps we can anticipate subsequent appearances from The Rock. This encounter signifies a turning point in their relationship and opens doors to exciting future collaborations.