Joe Rogan inspired controversial film ‘Lady Ballers’, director admits

Renowned podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan, known for his impactful words, has become the inspiration behind the recently released movie ‘Lady Ballers.’ Jeremy Boreing, the CEO of Daily Wire and the director of the film, credits Rogan for influencing the creation of this hardcore comedy.

Rogan’s pivotal statement, made during a podcast episode with Sam Morril in September 2022 (episode 1868), resonated with Boreing. Rogan expressed a challenge to create hardcore comedy movies, suggesting it would require the right people and a platform with the courage to back it—specifically, a right-wing streaming platform like the Daily Wire.

Having accepted the challenge, Boreing’s ‘Lady Ballers’ debuted on Daily Wire on December 1, delving into the controversial topic of transgender athletes. The film aligns with Rogan’s and UFC CEO Dana White’s viewpoints, both critical of the inclusion of biological males in female sports.

While Rogan has ventured into the film industry, notably in ‘Zookeeper’ alongside Kevin James, his podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, has hosted various Hollywood stars. Dwayne Johnson, Zachary Levi, and Edward Norton have all shared their thoughts on Rogan’s platform.

The film addresses the ongoing controversy surrounding transgender athletes in women’s sports, with transwoman swimmer Lia Thomas being a central figure in the debate. Rogan, along with other prominent figures like UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland and Khabib Nurmagomedov, disapproves of transgender athletes competing against cisgender women.

Rogan advocates for a separate transgender league where trans individuals can compete against each other, offering a solution to the ongoing debate. While supporting transgender rights, he emphasizes the physiological differences between male and female frames in the context of sports.

As ‘Lady Ballers’ sparks conversations, Rogan’s influence continues to shape discussions around contentious topics, challenging traditional narratives in both the film industry and the realm of sports.