Joe Rogan in awe: Irene Aldana triumphs in UFC 296 thriller despite badly swollen leg

Renowned UFC commentator Joe Rogan found himself astounded when witnessing the grueling injury sustained by a combatant during the recent UFC’s final event of 2023.

An electrifying match unfolded between bantamweight contender Irene Aldana and Karol Rosa at the UFC 296 undercard in Las Vegas. This overlooked match emerged as an unexpected gem, marking itself as one of the year’s most riveting spectacles.

Despite being the underdog, Rosa started the match by consistently delivering agonizing leg strikes. These attacks visibly affected her opponent throughout the opening round at the T-Mobile Arena.

Irene Aldana and Karol Rosa at the hospital after tonight’s war #UFC296 📷: Francisco Grasso IG
Irene Aldana and Karol Rosa at the hospital after tonight’s war #UFC296 📷: Francisco Grasso IG

Joe Rogan along with co-commentators Daniel Cormier and Jon Anik, observed the visible damage inflicted by Rosa’s strikes. They expressed concern for Aldana’s well-being.

However, Aldana mounted a striking comeback in the second round. She nearly secured victory with a powerful right hand that shifted the momentum in her favor.

Aldana showcased exceptional boxing dominance in the subsequent rounds, while a blood-soaked Rosa persistently targeted her opponent’s legs with brutal kicks. The match went on for a full 15-minute duration.

Ultimately, Aldana clinched a unanimous decision victory. This solidified her as a top contender for Fight of the Night and Fight of the Year.

Joe Rogan hailed it as a historic MMA showdown. During Aldana’s interview after the match, he expressed genuine concern about the visible swelling on her left leg.

Rogan said: “This was an absolute war! Irene Aldana, that was one of the best fights in my entire life. Toe-to-toe from the first bell! What was the experience like for you?”

“What a fight! And the amount of leg kicks that you took, we were really concerned. Look at the swelling on your left leg, that is insane! At one point in the fight, we were like, ‘How much can she take?’”

Addressing her injury, Aldana confessed to competing through a long-standing knee injury.

Aldana stated: “I came injured. I have had an injury in this knee for like a year. It hurts, but we trained to swallow the pain and keep going tonight. The fight didn’t help because it hurts, but nothing serious.”

Rogan went on to commend Aldana’s resilience before concluding the interview.