Joe Rogan in awe at the Bodybuilder’s Massive Legs: “He’s Gargling With Ster**ds”

In the latest episode (#2068) of The Joe Rogan Experience, host Joe Rogan delves into the world of bodybuilding sensation Sam Sulek, leaving both himself and the audience astonished. The 21-year-old bodybuilder has skyrocketed to online fame with a colossal Instagram following of 3.6 million, 2.34 million YouTube subscribers, and 2.1 million TikTok followers, thanks to his extraordinary physique.

As guest Cameron Hanes introduced Sulek during the podcast, Rogan’s curiosity was piqued. Hearing Sulek’s voice for the first time, Rogan couldn’t help but remark, “Bro, you can hear the steroids in his voice. He’s gargling with steroids. Look how he’s jacked. Look at the fcking legs on him, holy sht, look at his f***ing thighs.” Despite acknowledging Sulek’s impressive physique, Rogan was swift to suggest the likelihood of  PEDs playing a role.

The bodybuilder’s surge in popularity has come with speculations about his potential use of ster*ids, a sentiment echoed by IFBB Pro trainer Greg Doucette, a prominent figure in the fitness and bodybuilding community. Despite the controversy surrounding Sulek’s methods, his magnetic persona has garnered him an enormous following.

Interestingly, Sulek was not entirely unfamiliar to Rogan, who recalled Sulek’s exceptional muscle mass. While the fitness influencer’s association with ster*ids had been suggested before, Sulek has since openly admitted to using PEDs.

In a surprising revelation, it came to light that Sam Sulek had a past life as a diver. Rogan expressed his surprise, stating, “Woah, really? I bet he makes a hell of a f***ing splash.” Sulek’s history as a passionate diver involved competing in state-level competitions at Miami University. However, the allure of online recognition led him to transition from his life in gymnastics and competitive diving.

Beyond the controversy surrounding Sulek’s ster*id use, his demeanor has become a noteworthy aspect of his persona. Contrary to expectations, Sulek, despite controversially embracing ster*ids, is a level-headed and soft-spoken individual. While his workout routines and dietary habits have stirred both interest and criticism, especially due to their extremeness, many are curious about Sulek’s development in the years to come, given his young age.

In conclusion, the saga of Sam Sulek continues to captivate audiences, with Joe Rogan shedding light on the awe-inspiring, yet controversial, journey of this young bodybuilding sensation.