Joe Rogan heaps praise at Charles Oliveira’s Ground Name, calls him a rare talent

Joe Rogan’s recent claims about Charles Oliveira’s ground game might offend Khabib Nurmagomedov’s UFC fans.

Nurmagomedov’s fanbase is well known as one of the most passionate in the promotion.

Former UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira has spent over a decade in the UFC. He’s previously struggled to make 145lbs but ever since he moved to the 155lbs division he is on quite the winning streak. Oliveira submitted Gathje, Poirirer and scored impressive wins over Michael Chandler and Tony Ferguson.

Oliveira holds the record for most submissions in the UFC – 15 in addition to the record for most finishes in UFC history with 18.

During a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan praised Oliveira’s grappling skills. In his opinion, Oliveira does a great job on the ground:

“Well, here’s what’s interesting about Charles Olivera, when Charles fights, even though he’s the champion, he fights like, like a Berserker. He fights, he puts himself in danger. ”

“Like he doesn’t fight safe, he doesn’t fight to try to outpoint you, he doesn’t fight tactically, like where he’s trying to get, you know, the least amount of damage and you know, and drag you into deep water and then and then strategically try to take you out the fourth and fifth round know, from the moment the first bell rings, he’s coming at you guns blazing.”

“And Gaethje was coming at him too, but it’s like Gaethje was overwhelmed too by Oliveira’s pace and his aggression. Even when Gaethje cracked him, Oliveira is so different than anybody else. When he gets hit. He just lays on his back. Yeah, it’s like, Come get some of this. And nobody wants that guardto break.”

“So he’s got the most submissions in the history of the sport. ”
“‘Cause nobody wants to go to the ground with him. Normally guys would just come bombing in Yeah, just trying to land anything extra. It’s like when you wound an animal, any other arrow and it is rugged. You just turn a glance something off catches something. Most time guys will hurt a guy come in and just go crazy. ”

“But not with him. No, you don’t want that ground game. His ground game is so elite. It’s so good. I mean, I wonder how he would do in a like world class Brazilian jujitsu tournament, because I think he would do very well, because I watched the way he finishes submissions the way he sinks things up.”

“I mean, it is top of the food chain stuff. I’ve seen a lot of jujitsu in my days. I’ve rarely seen anyone compete in MMA, that closes the show, like Oliveira does, when the fight goes to the ground, and his s**t is razor sharp, razor sharp.”

Currently, the Brazilian holds the record for the most finishes, the most submission wins, and the most consecutive victories at 155 pounds in the history of the promotion. Oliveira has defeated some of the best fighters in his division effortlessly. His killer BJJ skills have taken out Dustin Poirier, Justin Gaethje, and Michael Chandler.

Before Oliveira’s win streak, Khabib Nurmagomedov was labeled as ‘the best on the ground’ in the UFC. Oliveira’s submission game gets better after every fight despite this, which strengthens his case against the Russians.