Joe Rogan goes off on Flat Earthers like Kyrie Irving, Kron Gracie

Critics of Joe Rogan often point out the conspiracies he frequently discusses. Over the years Rogan has dabbled in fringe sciences periodically and has mostly maintained a cool head.

One of the biggest fan favorite guests on Joe Rogan Experience is Rogan’s jiu jitsu friend Eddie Bravo. Bravo believes an assortment of strangest theories and hearing them bicker together used to be tremendously amusing. However since his shift to spotify the catalogue has been purged of many controversial episodes, including those featuring Bravo.

In an older episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, Rogan shared his thoughts on the subject of Flat Earth conspiracies.

This is in stark contrast to the claims NBA player Kyrie Irving has previously expressed. Irving infamously believes that the planet is flat and faced a ton of criticism for his attitudes. Irving also questioned if the Earth actually rotates around the Sun. Interestingly majority of flat earthers have some kind of bible thumping background. Irving previously said:

“The Earth is flat. I’m telling you, it’s right in front of our faces. They lie to us.”

“When I started actually doing research on my own and figuring out that there is no real picture of Earth, not one real picture of Earth—and we haven’t been back to the moon since 1961 or 1969—it becomes like conspiracy, too.”

As reported by ‘Bleacher Report‘, the athlete, later on, claimed that he was trolling the media. He also subsequently apologized for his attitude. Belief in flat earth isn’t all that uncommon. In the world of martial arts – in particular in jiu jitsu and in MMA there are plenty of proponents of the Geocentric model. Most notably Bravo and UFC fighter Kron Gracie. Gracie previously went on huge rants on the topic including questioning if Satellites were real:

“Yeah, I want to know why, why, if the satellites do exist, right, I don’t believe in them. But if they did exist, how come I don’t get service when I’m in Hawaii, or when I’m in the mountains? Or it’s like, if it’s a satellite, it’s gonna directly go to you. It’s not going to have to go through. But because I feel like because we’re in the mountains and stuff, it’s not getting the tower to tower servers, but we should always, always be service. Are you talking about your phone? I’m talking about my phone, your phone comes off radio towers. It’s not a satellite, but it comes from a satellite before that, or no”

In spite of being fond of Bravo and previously featuring Kron Gracie on the podcast, Rogan is unapologetic in his thoughts on this particular conspiracy:

“Are the people that are involved in like, aerospace, airplane construction, jet construction, cell phones, computers, those are the people that are at the top of the f—ing heap. And these apes that are using these devices to say that the world is flat, you’re doing just what a massive disservice you’re doing to the very minds that have created the thing that you’re using to complain with this ridiculous idea that someone’s hiding the information from all the people, because they don’t want you to Know that the world is like your phone, man.”

” I get it. I want to believe Bigfoots real, I get it. I want to believe if you show me some f—ing half assed Bigfoot footage, I’ll watch it three, four times in a row. I’ll go one day, maybe, maybe maybe, hey, you never know. There’s a lot of parts of the world we never go to. You know, somewhere deep in the Congo. I wouldn’t be surprised. Right? ”

“I want to believe but I’m also objective. You got to be both. I know you want to believe the Earth is flat. I’m super sorry, but it appears to be round as f–k. Just like every other planet we’ve ever looked at all of them. Imagine how crazy you’d be if Earth was flat? Well, here’s the problem with this idea, you f—ing dummies. A lot of the people behind this idea believe that it was created by God like on a pizza tray. Like that. This is part of a religious belief is that God made this flat earth and the cosmos and it’s all about us. This is part of it. This is this is connected to your group. Joe, you’re so arrogant when you really didn’t know I’m fucking dumb. Okay, but I’m smart enough to know the world is round. Crazy a–holes.”