Joe Rogan gives McGregor fans the cold truth: Hormone levels will drop back to normal

Conor McGregor has been absent from the octagon since suffering a leg injury at UFC 264. The anticipation of his return to combat sports remains high, although it seems his comeback might still be a while away.

In the months following his injury, McGregor dedicated himself to a comprehensive rehabilitation process. This period revealed a noticeable transformation in his physique, as the Irish MMA icon appeared to have undergone significant muscle gain post-injury.

Renowned MMA commentator Joe Rogan weighed in on McGregor’s recovery journey and its potential implications.

Given the visible changes in McGregor’s physique, there has been widespread speculation about his potential use of PEDs to aid his recovery process. However, Rogan suggested that resorting to PEDs might actually hinder McGregor’s overall recovery progress.

Rogan stated: “And you look at Conor after that leg break, he got f*cking jacked. Just huge f*cking shoulders and like – that’s generally not the result of natural hormones. That’s generally the result of exogenous hormone use.”

Rogan went on to elaborate that utilizing PEDs for a duration of six months could potentially lead to a year-long recuperation period for the individual’s hormonal balance to normalize. Considering McGregor’s age, Rogan pointed out that his body might require an extended period to naturally regain its hormone production.

In the aftermath of Justin Gaethje’s victory over Dustin Poirier at UFC 291, McGregor expressed his desire to compete for the BMF title. Around the same time, he engaged in a war of words with Charles Oliveira after the Brazilian combatant made remarks about him.

Despite McGregor’s ambitions and confrontations, Joe Rogan’s insights suggest that the timeline for McGregor’s return to the octagon might be more prolonged than anticipated.

In 2013, Conor McGregor marked his entry into the UFC following successful stints defending his featherweight and lightweight titles in Cage Warriors.

Conor is also regarded as one of the finest strikers in the UFC. Joe also mentioned Conor’s old weigh-ins and said that if McGregor had concentrated just on boxing throughout his career, he might have been a world-class boxer.