Joe Rogan gets teary-eyed reminiscing about being with the UFC from UFC 12 up to UFC 300

Joe Rogan has played an essential role in shaping UFC over the past 27 years, contributing significantly to the rise of MMA athletes. This is particularly true through milestone events like UFC 300.

Rogan’s impact transcends his UFC duties, resonating deeply with his personal connection to the company and its significance within his inner fandom.

At UFC 300, there were several amazing matches. There were great knockouts and back-and-forth bouts. Yet, what remained was a gentle declaration of love for all that this historic occasion meant. On the UFC broadcast during the event, Rogan revealed his emotions.

He said: “I couldn’t sleep last night. I kept getting up in the middle of the night. I was like, ‘It’s happening! It’s just hours away. I mean, I’ve been here since UFC 12, so just the fact it became the sport it is today is beyond my wildest imagination.”

“To be here for this card, with you guys, for UFC 300, I’m just blown away.”

As a stalwart figure since the 1990s, Joe Rogan’s enduring commitment to the UFC has been instrumental in its evolution.

The UFC’s remarkable success story over the past 23 years owes much to the vision and resilience of figures like the Fertita brothers and Dana White. They steered the organization to its success through tumultuous times.

One can never doubt Joe Rogan’s love for the game. The native of Boston began practicing mixed martial arts at the age of 15. Originally serving as a translator to help non-MMA fans grasp the ground game, Rogan now works as a color commentator for the promotion.

Rogan has said that he did over ten events for free in the early years of his UFC announcing career out of selflessness.

Before McGregor brought greater attention and financial success to the UFC, Rogan’s UFC broadcast schedule was very busy. He had to travel to over 25 events annually. Now, the world’s biggest podcaster is an exclusive commentator on UFC pay-per-view events in the United States.

Additionally, Joe Rogan’s pledge to retire alongside Dana White reflects not only gratitude for career opportunities but also a profound sense of loyalty to those who shaped his journey.