Joe Rogan gets candid with Brendan Schaub amidst 7 figure bareknuckle Derrick Lewis offer

Joe Rogan is renowned for his intelligence, candor, and involvement with the UFC. But the podcaster and comedian often serves as the voice of reason. Rogan recently discussed his ideas about a potential Derrick Lewis vs. Brendan Schaub matchup.

Recently, Jorge Masvidal appeared on TFATK podcast where he made the suggestion that Brendan Schaub return to the ring. Masvidal hinted at a big match with probable free agent Derrick Lewis by offering Schaub a ‘multi-seven figure’ payment.


Comedian Bryan Callen explained to Joe Rogan why it may not be such a horrible idea. However, Rogan instantly attempted to end the conversation by asking, “Do you want to die?”

He then went on to say: “Derrick Lewis puts people in neighboring dimensions. He hits you so f*cking hard, you just cease to exist in this plane.” Callen went on to say that he was still attempting to persuade Brendan Scuab to accept the challenge.

Rogan then brought up an earlier incident with Schaub as he completely disagreed with the current circumstance. He said: “One of the most traumatic moments of us doing podcast together is convincing him to stop fighting.”

Brendan Schaub left the UFC in 2014 after losing to Travis Browne by severe TKO. Schaub has since made a career out of comedy and podcasting. Even though he is retired, it makes sense why he might think about accepting the match. This is particularly given the substantial payoff.

Around eight years before, an iconic dialogue unfolded between Joe Rogan, Brendan Schaub, and Bryan Callen. Rogan and Callen each gave Schaub an explanation of why he ought to stop competing in their ‘intervention’ conversation. Schaub has just suffered consecutive defeats to Travis Browne and Andrei Arlovski. Despite suffering severe injuries at the time, Schaub was certain that he still had a future in MMA.

Rogan highlighted to Schaub at the time in a very trying talk how regularly taking damage puts him at risk for CTE and serious brain damage. Schaub saw Rogan and Callen as close friends, but found it to be a difficult pill to swallow.

However, Brendan made the decision to discontinue his career as a combatant after listening to his friends. Schaub has now established a lucrative career as a comedian and podcaster. Notably, Rogan and Schaub brought up the intervention from three years ago again.

Schaub then expressed his appreciation for having pals like Joe and Bryan. He said: “I was super fortunate where I was surrounded by guys like you and Callen, Bert, Tom.”