Joe Rogan falls for LGBTQ satire video of man entering women’s toilet

Renowned comedian Joey Diaz recently joined the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, shedding light on a controversial discussion initiated by Joe Rogan himself.

Rogan expressed his concerns regarding the negative perceptions surrounding the transgender community, sparked by a video he had seen. This incident unfolded after Rogan saw a video featuring a transgender woman attempting to enter a women’s restroom.

The video depicted a transgender woman who was big in size and was sporting a beard. The person tried to enter a women’s bathroom but was stopped by a woman from entering.

Rogan was visibly angered by the video and voiced his sentiments to Diaz. He said during the episode: “If you make it to this thing, you have to accept everything that happens to be trans. Everything is fine as long as you call it trans. Well, then what about perverts? ….This is a Willy Wonka golden ticket for perverts.”

It was later revealed that the video in question was scripted. The podcast’s producer Jamie Vernon clarified the staged nature of the video after seeing the comments.

Initially convinced of the video’s authenticity, Rogan then expressed his surprise upon learning that the woman’s actions were a result of scripted acting.

During UFC 297, Joe Rogan was absent, and Dominick Cruz filled in his position in the commentary booth. Nevertheless, Rogan hosted a ‘fight companion’ on his YouTube channel featuring Brendan Schaub, Joey Diaz, and Eddie Bravo.

Dricus Du Plessis secured victory against Sean Strickland in their match at UFC 297. Many viewers including UFC CEO Dana White believed Strickland deserved the win. However, White has no intention of scheduling a rematch. After the match, Du Plessis called out Israel Adesanya.

According to Joe Rogan, Strickland won three rounds to two. Former heavyweight combatant Brendan Schaub felt the same way. After four rounds, Rogan believed it was 2-2 and Strickland won the fifth round.

However, Dricus Du Plessis claimed that he won rounds four and five during the Octagon interview.