Joe Rogan denies he’s conservative, slams GOP

Joe Rogan has had a tumultuous couple of years. Following his historic deal with Spotify, Rogan appeared to have alienated a part of his longtime base. While Rogan was always well to do thank to his stint on Fear Factor reality series – due to the Spotify deal he’s reached new heights and eclipsed a number of longtime players in showbusiness in his personal wealth.

Many speculate that along with his new wealth came a reluctance to pay taxes and a new set of political beliefs.

Rogan has been liberal throughout the majority of his podcasting career but as of late, his disdain for the homeless, COVID skepticism and the dislike of Biden/Harris led many to conclude that he’s on the right now politically.

Joe Rogan took aim at left-leaning critics recently during a podcast featuring friend Andrew Schulz.

“It’s not just abortion rights, but now they’re going after gay marriage too, which is so strange to me,” Rogan told his audience of millions.

“Gay marriage is not silly. It’s marriage — it’s marriage from people that are homosexual and it’s, for them, it’s important. They want it.”

Rogan continued: “They want to affirm their love and their relationship. And the fact that they’re going after that now almost makes me feel like they want us to fight.”

“They wanna divide us in the best way they can. And this is the best way for them to keep pulling off all the bulls–t they’re doing behind the scenes is to get us to fight over things like gay marriage or get us to fight over things like abortion,” Rogan said.

“It’s just like, why are you removing freedoms?”

Schulz agreed, saying: “If you are gonna say that marriage is an important cultural institution to the fabric of America, you can’t remove it from Americans.”

“It’s so homophobic,” Rogan said.

“Because you’re saying there’s something wrong with being homosexual by saying that you are opposed to gay marriage. You’re saying you’re opposed to gay people.”

Rogan said Cruz’s comments as well as the recent Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade is “the kind of s–t that keeps me from being a Republican.”

“People will say like, ‘Oh, you know, you’re a secret conservative.’ Like you can suck my d–k,” Rogan said.

“You don’t know what the f–k you’re talking about. I’m so far away from being a Republican.”
He added: “Just because I believe in the Second Amendment and just because I support the military and just ’cause I support police.”

“Like I was on welfare as a kid. I think it’s important,” he said.

“I think having a social safety net is crucial. We should help each other. We’re supposed to be one big community.”

“I’m a bleeding heart liberal when it comes to a lot of s–t.”

But despite all that Joe Rogan is also a fan of Ron DeSantis who signed the controversial ‘Don’t say gay bill into law.