Joe Rogan contemplates women on PEDs: You would literally be more of a woman

Joe Rogan is recognized widely for his compelling role as a UFC commentator and stands as a figure of diverse talents reaching far beyond the octagon. However, his podcasting journey has faced periodic scrutiny as well.

In the recent episode of JRE #2073, Rogan welcomed Derek from More Plates More Dates. He is an iconic figure in the world of PEDs and related substances. Derek’s expertise has fostered a devoted following within this domain.

The duo’s conversation traversed through the landscape of athletes and their involvement with steroids, with one of Joe’s statements seizing public attention.

During the podcast, Rogan remarked: “You can get a guy that is just, you know, pretty normal looking physique, and within 24 months, he looks like a f***g superhero. Men want that. If there was a thing like that for women, where you could take this and instead of like cosmetic changes, you would literally be more of a woman.”

It’s important to explain that Rogan’s statement doesn’t advocate the necessity for distinct steroids catering specifically to women. His underlying point accentuates how men achieve an enviable physique through steroid use.

Likewise, Joe envisions a chemical alternative empowering women to attain a physique conforming to their standards. This proposed ‘steroid’ would likely serve as a substitute for cosmetic surgeries like augmentations or liposuctions.

However, the nuanced nature of the discussion might inadvertently lead to misconceptions. PED usage often correlates to augmenting masculine traits. There are also masculine physical attributes in women who use traditional PEDs. When Rogan mentions ‘becoming more of a woman,’ it’s wrongly linked to gender reassignment therapy.

Rogan’s suggestion doesn’t imply a ‘steroid’ fostering traditional or submissive traits in women. It’s crucial to reiterate that the intended effect revolves around cosmetic alterations.

Therefore, Rogan’s advice isn’t a “steroid” that encourages women to be more “traditional” or “submissive.” Rather, the goal would be to mimic the appearance of cosmetic adjustments. Although it seems like a fascinating concept in principle, current science hasn’t produced anything along these lines yet.