Joe Rogan celebrates House vote to decriminalize pot

Joe Rogan has become a household name ever since his giant Spotify deal was announced. But for years before that, he was just a comedian that was a good conversationalist and super passionate about pot, martial arts and UFOs.

With the arrival of a ginormous $200 M Spotify deal, came his move to Texas. While many suspect Rogan had tax incentives to move away from California he was also impacted by the pandemic which likely made him re-examine some of his priorities.

But one thing that he’s always been passionate about is pot. Even as far bag as 2013, usually chill Rogan could get into fierce exchanges during his typically mellow podcast.

Once Rogan moved away from California many started accusing him of leaning toward the republican party. But whereas most conservatives steer away from pot – Rogan openly advocates for it.



55 year old comedian celebrated the news posting declaring that the House is voting on decriminalizing pot at a federal level.

Rogan has been an advocate for pot and hemp for ages. According to Rogan, he had never even tried it until he was an adult and he fell in love with it right away enjoying how it mellowed out his competitive nature.

Previously Rogan condemned sitting president of the United States, Joe Biden, for his harsh attitudes towards it.

“It’s enhanced my feelings on the positive aspects of community, and made me more affectionate and compassionate.
It’s also caused me to think and say a lot of really stupid s–t and occasionally get really paranoid.
It should be respected and treated with caution, but to say it should not be legal is to say that you believe our incredibly flawed legal system should be able to punish people for using a psychedelic plant that people have been enjoying for thousands of years.
That is an archaic and ignorant way of thinking, and I don’t think it has any place in a polite society.
It’s 2019 and it’s time for our politicians and representatives to wake the fuck up. Our prisons are filled with people convicted of non-violent drug offenses, and history will not be kind to people that support this.”


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