Joe Rogan breaks down Renzo Gracie’s altercation video

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan gave his thoughts on the recent altercation involving Renzo Gracie. Rogan who stumbled upon Renzo a week after the incident explained how easy the BJJ legend handled the situation.

BJJ great Renzo Gracie made headlines a month ago after video footage of him getting into an altercation went viral. Renzo brawled with a train passenger at a subway in New York. The random guy allegedly told Renzo to stop speaking Portuguese and Renzo took it hard saying the guy was being racist.

A brawl ensued on the platform of the Subway station. Renzo, being a 6th degree black belt in BJJ, scrambled with the guy for a few minutes on the ground. The 55-year-old then put the guy in a kata gatame choke hold until the guy begged to stop. Renzo released him.

The video easily went viral on social media and caught the attention of several figures in MMA, including Joe Rogan. He talked about the incident with David Attell on his famous podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’. Rogan, who practiced BJJ himself, broke down Renzo’s moves that were shown in the video and said how easy it is for a skilled martial artist to take down a non-practitioner.

“Did you see the video of Renzo Gracie getting in a fight on the subway? He said he f*cked his knee up. I ran into him a week-and-a-half or so later. And what a terrible move by that guy. He’s telling him to speak English, he’s like, ‘My friend.’ He didn’t even hurt him, he just put him on the ground and controlled him and put him in a stranglehold and let him go. And told him to apologize.” Rogan said.


The 55-year-old podcast host continued to explain how useful BJJ is. He took the example of former UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira who possessed a great BJJ skill set.

“If you get a guy like Charles Oliveira who’s that good at jiu-jitsu, he could strangle a f**king heavyweight… Oliveira’s jiu-jitsu is some of the best I have ever seen in MMA. It is like world championship caliber jiu-jitsu. But he’s doing it in an MMA match. He’s the one guy where it doesn’t matter what happens in the fight, if you go to the ground with him you are in deep s**t.” Rogan explained.