Joe Rogan brands Belgian Malinois Dog a scene stealer in John Wick Chapter 4

Cliff Gray and Joe Rogan delved into the topic of the reintroduction of wolves in Colorado. Wolves will be designated as non-game species and will be introduced into two distinct regions of Colorado. While the initiative aims to restore the ecosystem to its original state, Gray raised concerns about the potential threats posed by wolves to guides, outfitters, loggers, and cattle ranch owners trying to make a living in Colorado.

The conversation eventually turned to the intelligence of wolves and their similarities to dogs. Rogan then brought up the topic of Belgian Malinois in the discussion. He described the breed as “wild” and talked about their surprising abilities.

Rogan stated: “They can do things where they leap through the air like you can’t believe. They run, jump off a guy’s back, and then leap through the air, climb over walls that are like 10 feet tall just by running up the wall.”

Rogan then played videos of the dog breed engaging in remarkable feats and police work. Known for their intelligence, agility, and tracking skills, Belgian Malinois often make effective guard and police dogs. As a result, this breed and others like it are said to be descended from wolves.

Joe Rogan then asserted that it is very hard to keep a Malinois at home. He said: “Those are the dogs they use in war, and as police dogs, and they are scary little meat missiles. You can’t just keep one of those motherf*****s in your yard; they’re too smart. They’re working dogs.”

However, Belgian Malinois are also family dogs. They have a feeling of obedience and are protective of their owners. Additionally, these dogs cannot live in kennels and need a significantly bigger living area.

The popularity of Belgian Malinois has risen significantly in recent years, with the release of the movie ‘John Wick: Chapter 4.’ A Belgian Malinois plays a significant role in the movie, providing comedic relief and action in a few of the sequences.

The dog is a loyal accomplice to the character Tracker, portrayed by actor Shamier Anderson. Additionally, the dog is tasked with finding and hunting John Wick, portrayed by Keanu Reeves.