Jimmie Rivera gets a massive eye cut to force stoppage against Jeremy Stephens at BKFC 56

In a thrilling display of bare-knuckle prowess, Jeremy Stephens, the former UFC standout, made a statement in his BKFC debut at BKFC 56, claiming a decisive TKO victory over Jimmie Rivera. The event, hosted at the Maverik Center in Salt Lake City, showcased a series of compelling matchups, with Stephens vs. Rivera stealing the spotlight.

Bare Knuckle Debut Showdown: Stephens vs. Rivera

The much-anticipated bout featured Stephens facing off against Jimmie Rivera, another former UFC fighter who had secured a unanimous decision over Bekhzod Usmonov in his BKFC debut. The clash promised high-octane action, and the fighters delivered from the opening bell.

Round 1-3: Trading Blows and Strategic Maneuvers

The opening rounds saw both fighters engaging in a calculated exchange of strikes. Stephens showcased his striking prowess with a right hook, while Rivera effectively targeted the body. The back-and-forth continued as Stephens and Rivera traded jabs and hooks, creating an electric atmosphere inside the BKFC ring.

Round 3: Stephens Seals the Victory

In a turning point, Stephens unleashed a powerful right hand that sent Rivera to the canvas. Although Rivera bravely responded, a cut above his left eye became a cause for concern. Stephens maintained the pressure, landing crucial blows as the round progressed.

Official Result: Jeremy Stephens Triumphs via TKO (Doctor’s Stoppage) at 2:00 of Round 3.

The ringside physician intervened before the fourth round, calling for a stoppage due to the significant cut above Rivera’s eye. This marked a victorious BKFC debut for Jeremy Stephens, solidifying his presence in the bare-knuckle arena.

Post-Fight Highlights: Stephens Dominates the Ring

Witness the highlights of this action-packed encounter, including Stephens’ walkout and pivotal moments that led to the doctor’s stoppage. From the intense start to the conclusive TKO, Jeremy Stephens left an indelible mark on BKFC 56.