Jeremy Renner would like to sic Francis Ngannou on Vladimir Putin

With the invasion of Ukraine not losing steam everyone is on the edge of their seat. It’s been a very long time since Europe was seriously compromised.

One person keeping up with the political situation is Marvel actor, Jeremy Renner. Absent of the Jeremy Renner app he released his concerns online the traditional way – via instagram.

Renner expressed concern over the statements of Russian diplomat Sergey Lavrov. Lavrov has been trying to warn off West from getting involved in the military conflict and warned of ‘real’ danger of WWIII.

Naturally this upset Jeremy Renner so he provided a unique solution to the conundrum – complete with a social media poll. And to up the ante, Hollywood actor threatened with the utilization of UFC’s most powerful athlete – Francis Ngannou.

Renner went on to shade an anonymous account that voted no on the poll. No word yet if his ‘challenge’ will get a formal response.

Both Renner and Ngannou are represented by CAA but it’s unclear if this was in any way related to Renner’s response.