Jake Shields forbids girlfriend from wearing Steph Curry jersey

Jake Shields has been making waves with the multitude of so bad they’re hilarious takes as of late. Previously Shields boosted of his medical opinions despite having a 20 year career in mixed martial arts and not in a medical field.

Now the latest turn from Shields is that he’s forbid his paramour from wearing a Steph Curry jersey.

This ‘ban’ comes on the wings of Golden State Warriors capturing the NBA title.

 “I can’t believe there’s so many guys out there who will let their girl wear a sports jersey with another man’s name on it”

“Say my girl is a huge steph curry fan before we met and I can’t let her wear his jersey?! S**t jake”

Jake Shields was quick to reply to this comment, “Smart because as a professional athlete when I saw a girl with my shirt I knew exactly what that meant”

Shields is very active on social media and has become a member of the right after intervening in a protest in long time home of San Francisco.

Many MMA pros, and fans are ridiculing SHields for this take on twitter.