Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson in Jeopardy Due to Athletic Commission Regulations

The anticipation surrounding the impending clash between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson is palpable, but there’s a looming threat of cancellation if Tyson fails a crucial medical evaluation during the lead-up.

Despite criticisms from various boxers, both active and retired, regarding Jake Paul’s foray into combat sports, Mike Tyson has been a vocal supporter. The former heavyweight champion has repeatedly praised the Paul brothers’ involvement in boxing, even expressing openness to facing Jake himself.

What was once a seemingly improbable notion is set to become reality in July, as the two are scheduled to square off live on Netflix at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas. However, this eagerly awaited showdown hangs in the balance as Tyson, at 57 years old, must navigate through certain medical assessments.

As per discussions with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations by USA Today, Tyson must pass an electroencephalogram (EEG) and an electrocardiogram (EKG) to obtain professional fight sanctioning due to his age exceeding 36 years.

Failure to clear these tests could result in the fight being relegated to an exhibition status. Consequently, this would necessitate rule adjustments such as heavier gloves and shorter rounds. However, such a shift would pose complications for the promoters who aim to promote the event as a professional bout, thereby fueling concerns of potential cancellation, particularly if Tyson’s camp is subjected to additional testing.

Currently, a verdict from the TDLR is pending, allowing sufficient time for deliberation given the mid-summer timeframe of the bout. Despite Jake Paul’s confidence in his ability to withstand Tyson’s punches, citing an “iron chin,” and his bold claim of outperforming the heavyweight icon, the uncertainty surrounding Tyson’s medical clearance casts a shadow over the much-anticipated showdown.