Jake Paul trolled by Dillon Danis after video surfaces of Paul getting a soda thrown on him

MMA athlete Dillon Danis continued his feud with celebrity boxing star Jake Paul. The 28-year-old mocked Jake by posting a clip.

Back then, Jake Paul pranked Dillon Danis who was shooting a show with podcaster Brendan Schaub. Schaub since confirmed he was in on the setup – and even gave Danis an advance notice that some shenanigans might go down.

“I told [Dillon Danis] that there’s a chance [Jake Paul’s] coming. I said, ‘Hey just like, you know, I talked to Jake and Logan last night and he said he might come by’ and he goes, ‘Bro, if he comes, I’ll beat the s**t out of him.’ I went, ‘No doubt. But you have one leg. One leg.” Schaub said.

Jake and his gang arrived on the scene and threw a bunch of water balloons at Danis before they drove off.

This discussion about the past event led Dillon Danis to share a video of Jake Paul getting trolled by a fan. In the video, it can be seen someone from the crowd throwing a glass of coke at Jake Paul who was passing by.

“Eat that.” Dillon Danis said.

Dillon Danis is most known to be Conor McGregor’s teammate and sparring partner. He made headlines mostly during the build up for Khabib Nurmagomedov fight at UFC 229 back in 2018. Danis also had many feuds with many figures in MMA such as the famous journalist Ariel Helwani and Khabib’s former manager Ali Abdelaziz.

As a professional mixed martial artist, has only competed two times. Both outings were done within Bellator MMA with a score of 2-0. His latest appearance was back in 2019 due to some issues with his knee. However, the BJJ ace has shown some sneak peeks of his training session and he might return anytime soon.