Jake Paul: Tommy Fury wasn’t my toughest opponent, Anderson (Silva) was tougher than him

Jake Paul suffered his first defeat in boxing at the hands of Tommy Fury in February 2023. Despite this, Paul has claimed that Fury was not his toughest opponent so far.

In a recent interview on his brother Logan’s podcast, Paul revealed that he believed his opponent Anderson was tougher than Fury. He mentioned that he had figured out Anderson’s puzzle, while Fury wasn’t that great at all.

“That is what is p***ing me off the most, that it had nothing to do with him it had everything to do with me,” Jake told his brother.

“He wasn’t that great, at all, I think Anderson was tougher than him, and I figured out that puzzle. He threw a lot of punches, that’s his biggest thing.”

The split-decision defeat against Fury left Jake Paul feeling frustrated. He told Logan that the loss had nothing to do with Fury and everything to do with himself.

Paul went on to commend Fury’s personality, describing him as a good kid who had blossomed into an overnight superstar. He spoke about how they had mutual respect for each other and had even hugged after their event.

Despite the loss, Paul revealed that he and Fury had decided to go for a rematch after their chat in the dressing room. He was impressed with Fury’s level-headedness and down-to-earth personality.

“He seems very level-headed and down to earth. We talked a lot of s*** and did a great job promoting it but there was mutual respect there and we hugged.”

“I have respect for the guy, that’s the most beautiful thing about this sport. ”

“You can be arch-enemies and then find respect for each other after beating the s*** out of each other and going to war.”

In boxing, it is common for opponents to become arch-enemies before and then find respect for each other after going to war. Paul expressed his respect for Fury and how it was the most beautiful thing about the sport. But things might be ramping up soon considering June and July dates are being debated for the rematch.