Jake Paul tells hilarious story of how he got humiliated by a guy in front of his crush

Jake Paul may seem to have it all in 2023, but his journey to success has been anything but smooth.

Before becoming a sports personality in the boxing arena, he started his combat career during his high school days in Ohio. Early on, Jake and his older brother Logan were both involved in wrestling.

In a conversation with UFC middleweight Bo Nickal, Jake highlighted the unique individuality of the game compared to team sports. While speaking to Bo in Bo Gets Betr, Paul said: “I think what makes the sport so special is that it’s just you. Especially in wrestling, you’re out there in a f****** singlet with your d*** showing and your crush is in the stands watching, you’re 13 and it’s like ‘f***’.”

The 26-year-old fighter believes that confidence is crucial in such situations. He shared a personal anecdote about losing a match in front of his crush at the age of 13, a moment that was both embarrassing and challenging.

He continued: “You have to have confidence, I don’t know. I’ve lost in front of my crush when I was 13, bro, getting cradled and your balls are in the air. That s*** is not a vibe, has that happened to you? No? You’re the best in the f***ing world, so.”

Currently, Jake Paul is gearing up for his upcoming exhibition boxing match against UFC icon Nate Diaz on August 5 in Dallas. This event is highly anticipated, as it marks the continuation of his journey from YouTube sensation to a successful career as a boxer and promoter. Additionally, a documentary on Netflix’s UNTOLD series will showcase his rise to fame in the boxing world.

As the match approaches, Jake is determined to make Diaz pay for his actions in the ring. Paul says that he is ready to knock Diaz out in the American Airlines Arena on Saturday night.

He stated: “This kid’s a punk, he’s a bully, he thinks he can do whatever he wants, and August 5 imma make him pay for all this s***t he’s done… I’m gonna knock him the f*** out.”

It’s worth noting that this match will be Diaz’s first venture into boxing after a long and iconic 17-year career in MMA. On the other hand, Jake Paul holds a 6-1 record as a boxer. But he recently experienced his first career loss in February, against Tommy Fury.