Jake Paul targeting Anderson Silva boxing main event in October

According to reliable sources, Jake Paul will square off against the great mixed martial artist Anderson Silva on October 29th on Showtime PPV against his most perilous opponent to date.

Just a few months ago, Jake was scheduled to face Tommy Fury in the USA. However, arrangements were abruptly scrapped after Tommy Fury was refused entrance while trying to board a flight to US.

Jake Paul has yet to take on a top-tier, active professional boxer. Now that fellow YouTube phenom KSI has engaged in combat with a really active boxer, Jake Paul may feel more pressure to do the same.

However, many fans think that Paul is being put to the test or going too far when he faces off against Silva, who has extensive expertise in mixed martial arts and combat sports. Not to mention that he’s actually knocked out a former World Champion in boxing.

Paul has been trying to make it in the world of boxing and has even tested himself as a promoter. Paul promoted Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano clash at Madison Square Garden.

On the other hand, rapper Rick Ross had previously promised to provide a boxer 10 million dollars in exchange for accepting a boxing date against Jake Paul. After Paul had to postpone his scheduled August Madison Square Garden boxing match owing to issues with his opponents, Ross was motivated to provide this bonus.

Ross issued this challenge in an effort to get someone to challenge Paul and really turn up on Boxing Day. Ross said on Instagram that he would award an additional 10 million dollars to whomever next boxes Paul.

Paul previously admitted that he was targeting UFC veterans for selfish reasons:

“Dana has the audience that I want. And so he doesn’t realize that he’s just playing into my game. Because I have the YouTube audience, the digital audience that tik tok all that. What I want is the fight fans who will pay $60 $70 $80 to see me fight. And all he’s doing is making me 10 times more relevant in that space by playing my game.”