Jake Paul reveals ‘Massive’ PPV numbers for Nate Diaz boxing date

Jake Paul’s recent boxing match against former UFC superstar Nate Diaz has undoubtedly emerged as a huge success.

On August 5, Paul secured his seventh career victory. He won the match via unanimous decision over Diaz in an electrifying 10-round showdown held at the American Airlines Center situated in Dallas.

In the days following the event, preliminary reports circulated suggesting that the match had garnered approximately 450,000 pay-per-view purchases in the United States. This stands out as a remarkable accomplishment, outshining Paul’s February encounter with British boxing sensation Tommy Fury.

In a recent episode of his podcast ‘BS w/ Jake Paul,’ the influencer and social media personality asserted that the bout had surpassed the half-million mark in terms of pay-per-view buys exclusively in the U.S. Moreover, it turned out to be the largest gate ever witnessed in the relatively brief yet successful career of Jake Paul in the realm of boxing.

Paul enthusiastically shared, “It’s looking like 500,000+ pay-per-views. The biggest gate, and that’s U.S. pay-per-views. It means more because it costs more in the U.S. So a massive number, massive success. There’s a statistic that shows the Google searches from that night. We were the number one most searched Google trend by like 10x. Trended everywhere. Biggest gate. Biggest ticket sales. Biggest sponsorship.”

Taking into account the pay-per-view cost of $59.99 in the U.S., the match is estimated to have raked in approximately $30 million in revenue. This figure excludes earnings from ticket sales and lucrative sponsorship agreements.

Given the astounding financial achievements, it comes as no surprise that Jake Paul is vigorously pursuing a rematch against Nate Diaz in the realm of mixed martial arts. Earlier this year, Paul entered into an agreement with the PFL. He set his sights on making his highly anticipated MMA debut in the year 2024.

While the identity of his official opponent is yet to be unveiled, Paul has unequivocally singled out Diaz as the potential adversary for a proposed rematch inside the PFL Smart Cage. He promised the former TUF champion a huge $10 million payout.