Jake Paul reportedly to announce yet another boxing match against Tommy Fury

When the Fury family was smacked with the travel embargo thanks to close association with Daniel Kinehan, Tommy Fury’s rescheduled bout against Jake Paul fell apart.

In the eyes of many fans, that was it. There’s no way that a bout that had repeatedly fallen apart because of Fury could be rebooked, could it? But then Jake Paul showed up cageside for Deji vs Floyd Mayweather.

Fury was once again on the undercard, and Tommy Fury’s dad even got heated yelling at Jake Paul, took off his shirt and made an attempt to instigate a physical altercation.

Now with the Fury travel ban, it’s rather certain that any match would have to take place in the UK.

Promoter Frank Warren recently told IFL:
“Both sides are really eager to making it happen and I don’t think we’re far off getting it on. I think we’re quite close to making it happen.”

This could be the biggest payday of Tommy Fury’s career:

“It’s a life changing money fight for him and obviously he wants it. It was on, then he couldn’t get into the States which was a problem. But we’ll get it on, we’re really determined to make it happen.”

This isn’t much of a surprise because Tommy is more famous for being a part of the ‘Love Island’ cast than he is from boxing at the moment.

Tommy’s career wasn’t the only one to be hindered by the travel ban. Tyson Fury repeatedly lost on on millions because he was unable to appear during WWE shows that were initially talked about.

Kinehan is wanted in relation with organized crime and is believed to be hiding out in Dubai.

Jake Paul has reportedly started his camp for his next professional boxing bout. BJ Flores teased that a February 18th return is in the cards.

Jake Paul is 25 years old. He last competed in October against UFC GOAT Anderson Silva (47). Paul defeated Silva for the arguably biggest win of his career.

By the look of things, Fury is his next target.