Jake Paul releases results of PED test ahead of Nate Diaz event

Jake Paul is set to square off against Nate Diaz in a thrilling boxing match scheduled for August 5 in Dallas. The highly-anticipated clash comes after Jake Paul’s previous loss to Tommy Fury earlier this year. Diaz will be making his professional boxing debut following his departure from the UFC after his contract expired last year.

Throughout his relatively short boxing career, Jake Paul has faced persistent accusations of using PEDs. However, he has consistently denied any involvement in such practices. Paul and Diaz have both willingly enrolled in VADA testing for their upcoming bout.

Jake Paul took to social media and posted a letter from the organization confirming that he tested negative on July 6. This rigorous testing will continue leading up to the match , as well as after the match. The final results being released post-testing.

He said:”Nate Diaz was always the plan after Tommy. That was what I said. Even in the build-up to Tommy, I was like it’s Nate Diaz after Tommy Fury. So that was always the plan… This is a big fight. This is a fight that I’ve wanted for a long time. [Nate] got out of his UFC contract and this is probably the biggest fight of the year, only topping me versus Tommy.”

“I want to make big events, big fights happen and strike while the iron’s hot. He was a free agent. Let’s run it. Make it happen. Settle the s**t talk. I’m ready for war. I’m excited to be here. Thank you for having me out, Dallas. I love y’all and I’m going to do what Conor McGregor couldn’t do, and I’m going to knock this man out.”

Nate Diaz had words of admiration for Jake Paul and his accomplishments in the world of boxing. The former UFC combatant stated that his post-UFC plan was to challenge the biggest names and most formidable opponents in the boxing world. Diaz further explained that he sought out worthy opponents like Paul and expressed satisfaction in having a chance to face him in the ring.

He said: “Post UFC, my plan was always to fight the biggest names and the best fighters there are. I’ve been trying to get out of the UFC for a long time because I knew I knew that I would work. What fighters worked and what I should do. I have a long road but he was doing the biggest and the best things for fighting and in fighting and I was glad. I had a worthy opponent to make an attack on, as soon as I got out.”

“He’s doing a good job. He’s been punished like he said. As far as the fighter, he’s young, he’s motivated. He’s working hard. I can see that. I’m sure everybody can see that. That’s kind of motherfucker’s unstoppable. That’s why I wanted to fight Connor and the [reason] I took time off from my fights, when I was fighting was because I wanted top guy and they were trying to give me some fucking lame a** motherfucker. [I want to fight the] best of the best and I think you did a great job and [I want] motherfuckers know that I do a great job too.”