Jake Paul reacts Nate Diaz backstage altercation: “You know, Nate, stop fighting people for free. Just do it in the ring, okay?”

Backstage during the Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva boxing match on Saturday in Glendale, Arizona, Nate Diaz pulled off yet another “Stockton Slap.”

Multiple videos depict an altercation between people wearing Jake Paul walkout attire and members of Diaz’s crew. However, the circumstances of the encounter are still unknown.

A furious Diaz is seen attacking a guy with tattoos and a shaved head from one angle as arena and promotion staff members step in to stop him. That man is identified as Paul’s father in some of the online comments.

A drink was seen being tossed in Diaz’s way in a second video. Many huge, suit-clad people pushed and separate the two camps from one other as they ran toward Diaz and behind a curtain out of the camera’s field of view in response to the flying projectile.

After then, Diaz broadcasted live on Instagram. He recorded many security personnel telling the Diaz team to leave the venue right away. The video was posted immediately before the main event began.

The 37-year-old Diaz was there to support his buddy and comrade Chris Avila, who won the first main-card match by defeating YouTuber Dr Mike. Some believe that Diaz, a free agent, may join Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions as a boxer. There is also a possibility Diaz has already accepted.

Paul reacted to the altercation at the presser adding:

“You know, Nate Diaz was here acting like a b*tch. Everyone wants that fight. He tried to fight people in the hallway. You know, Nate, stop fighting people for free. Just do it in the ring, okay? I know. I know you’re a little slow, buddy, but it’s okay. We can make that fight happen. It’s, you know, typical of him.”

Nate Diaz recently posted a photo on his Instagram. He is seen with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. While McMahon serves as the company’s co-CEO, Triple H is the Chief Content Officer for WWE.

Diaz seems to be considering a career in professional wrestling based on his remark on the image:

“We’ll see what’s bout to happen next.”