Jake Paul offered Tommy Fury $2.5 million in last ditch effort to make the boxing bout happen

Tommy Fury has been all over the news today thanks to the outstanding level of faith UFC commentator Joe Rogan has in his skills.

Rogan got unreasonably annoyed with Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy and insisted the mogul ‘shut the f*** up’ and watch Fury’s highlight.

Fury’s main claim to fame in US are his repeatedly cancelled boxing matches against Jake Paul. Back in the UK, Fury is better known for his stint on the reality series Love Island.

This time, Jake Paul to box Fury.

Paul has agreed to enter the ring with him, next month in Tommy’s own hometown in Manchester.

Manchester is a crucial part of the deal considering that Fury family is unable to travel due to their ties with a man accused of organized crime – Daniel Kinehan.

Both Tommy and brother Tyson have been prevented from traveling to the US.

“I have done everything in my power to make the fight happen against this 8-0 boxer, including offering to go to Manchester on February 18 in partnership with Frank and George Warren,”.

He added: “I’m looking at any other alternative to make this fight work.”

In response to a tweet by fight analyst and youtube Wade Plemons, Jake hinted that Tommy was offered a whopping $2.5 million for the event.

This is $500,000 more than the first offer. As per Mirror:

Although Paul refused to confirm or deny this statement, he said:

“What I can confirm is Tommy Fury is never going to see the kind of money he is being offered to step in the ring with me. And yet he’s still on the run.”

The biggest criticism that Paul has faced throughout his professional boxing career is that he has not competed against any professional boxers.