Jake Paul gloats at Dana White for calling his boxing matches rigged as more states ban betting on UFC events

UFC is in the middle of a nasty betting scandal after the line for one of the bouts moved suspiciously back in October.

UFC and State Athletic Commissions are currently investigating what had happened. UFC had parted ways with the athlete in question – and his coach is pretty much as good as done in he sport.

This comes after the news that Ontario and Alberta Sports Commissions officially prohibited wagers on UFC matches for sportsbooks operating in their jurisdiction,

Jake Paul has now turned his attention to Dana White. Paul often has to refute allegations that his boxing matches are fixed. So it’s not surprising that he seized the chance to criticize Dana White and the promotion:

“Remember when Dana White and UFC fighters like Colby Cunnington tried to claim my Askren KO was rigged… Ironic isn’t it that the Ontario Gaming Commission believe UFC insiders are rigging fights.”

The tweet came as reaction to the announcement by the Ontario Gaming Commission about the province’s acceptance of bets on the promotion’s events:

“The decision to ban UFC wagers is due to an upholding of the ‘registrar’s standards,’ which are meant to safeguard against ‘odds manipulation, match-fixing and other sports betting integrity issues,’…

The AGCO has learned of publicized alleged incidents, including possible betting by UFC insiders, as well as reports of suspicious betting patterns in other jurisdictions.”

The suspension is related to alleged questionable wagering on Nuerdanbieke Shayilan’s first-round victory against Derrick Miner at UFC Vegas 64.

Even though the Ontario Gaming Commission (AGCO) has prohibited sportsbooks from offering UFC odds, this does not necessarily indicate that the ban will last forever.

Jake Paul raised awareness of the problem, but if the UFC successfully argues its case and implements the required modifications to identify suspicious conduct, the suspension may be removed. Sportsbooks may suffer a revenue loss if the ban were to become permanent since UFC is the largest MMA promotion, particularly in North America.

The ACGO said in their entire press release that betting on UFC matches may “once the necessary remedial steps have been taken.”