Jake Paul gets one over on McGregor after tasteless comparison to serial abuser

Conor McGregor has long been a fan of Irish boxer Katie Taylor. Last night Taylor duked it out with a Jake Paul protege Amanda Serrano.

Taylor ended up winning a split decision victory that has many questioning the refereeing but overall the audience was pleased with the excitement both brought to Madison Square Garden.

McGregor of course cheered on Taylor – and hurled an off color joke at Jake Paul who look slightly eccentric. McGregor shared the following:

McGregor compared Paul’s demeanor to a serial abuser Jimmy Saville. Saville’s life was recently exposed in a Netflix documentary titled “Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story”.

While Paul isn’t necessarily deserving of the comparison, Savile did in fact often sport similar glasses.

Paul didn’t take the comparison lightly. He responded to McGregor by saying:
” “I’m the one who has done more for fighters than you ever have”

“The one who has won 5 fights in the past 2 years while you have lost 5.”

“The one who isn’t owned by Dana White.”

“The one who made the fight you just watched happen.”

“The 1 who got your hero Katie Taylor paid.”

“That’s who.”

McGregor offered no response – simply shared a picture of Saville. But despite of his argument with the promoter he praised the boxing contest between two outstanding female champions.

“Katie Taylor The Greatest! ❤️??Absolutely incredible boxing!”

“Take a bow ladies! What a contest! @KatieTaylor @Serranosisters @TheGarden”