Jake Paul exploits Dillon Danis trolling Logan Paul for publicity, shares reaction

In the world of WWE and YouTube stardom, Logan and Jake Paul have always been in the limelight. Over the years, their bond has grown stronger. But beneath the surface, there are still hints of complexity.

A few weeks ago, Jake Paul stirred up quite a commotion with his unconventional remarks about his elder brother Logan Paul. This unexpected outburst left fans wondering about the dynamics within the Paul family.

Additionally, Dillon Danis has been continuously trolling and taunting Logan Paul for the past month. He took to social media, posting pictures of Logan’s fiancée Nina Agdal in the company of other men.

Amidst the chaos, Jake Paul chose to break his silence. He addressed the Dillon Danis situation and offered an intriguing perspective.

According to Jake, his elder brother Logan had strategically chosen Danis for a very specific reason – attention. Jake firmly believes that Logan’s motive to compete against Dillon was his need to be under the spotlight, accumulate followers, and subsequently enhance his wealth.

In Jake’s view, Danis is nothing more than a “puppet” in this scenario, without a backend share of the bout earnings.

Jake Paul made his stance clear in a tweet, stating: “People are saying Jake, you haven’t come to your brother’s defense, defend him from what? Logan is going to knock the sh** out of this kid, the rest is just sales for the fight and making the fight bigger and making my brother more money..defense for itty bitty little tweets, like bro we’re grown me”

Dillon Danis escalated the feud by posting images of Nina Agdal with her ex-partners, including Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio and musician Joe Jonas. He even hinted at the possibility of sharing more explicit content, even if it led to legal consequences.

He recently tweeted: “These are so bad, I would definitely get sued, go to jail, and be fight would be off. But I might just say fuck it 🤔”