Jake Paul explains why he expects Conor McGregor to reject boxing match

Boxing star Jake Paul doesn’t think Conor McGregor would want to box him even if he defeated Anderson Silva. The youtuber turned boxer believes he would beat McGregor and the Irishman clearly doesn’t want that.

Jake Paul is ready to return to the squared circle. The 25-year-old will exchange blows with UFC legend Anderson Silva for his 6th boxing match. The pair will share the ring on October 29 and will take place at Gila River Arena in Arizona. Jake has been facing a lot of popular athletes and currently is still undefeated, and his most desired opponent is MMA superstar Conor McGregor.

Jake Paul has been vocal about clashing with McGregor. He used to say that he wants McGregor to be his 10th opponent and threw shades to trigger the MMA star. However, ‘The Notorious never really addressed his call out. Only sometimes McGregor mentioned Jake on Twitter while showing zero interest in facing him.

“You’ve [had] two fights and done 70k buys. You are a flop, kid. A nobody.” McGregor wrote.

During a recent talk in BS With Jake Paul, Jake was asked about a potential match with McGregor. However, ‘The Problem Child’ doesn’t think it will happen.

“I don’t, unfortunately. Just because he will see what I do to Anderson Silva and he will say ‘why will I try to make this kid $100 million and lose to him so he can make his name off of me.’ Who knows what that guy is doing? His career is coming to an end.” Jake said.

He added, “Me beating him would be legendary, a lot of boxers don’t do this, that is why Canelo is not fighting Benavidez. Why would he fight Benavidez who is relatively unknown and if he beats him overnight he becomes a superstar?. I’m saying that he will make my name so much bigger if I beat him. He is A-side for sure and I would make less money in the fight but that’s speaking right now who knows what happens in the future.”

Conor McGregor has been absent from the octagon since July last year after he snapped his leg and is now fully recovered. However, the 34-year-old is scheduled to co-star in upcoming Hollywood blockbuster ‘Road House’. He is expected to return to the octagon next year. McGregor confirmed that he will compete inside the boxing ring again.