Jake Paul Expects Fight Fans To Admit That He’s Great For The Sport

Jake Paul may have been a joke when he started organizing boxing events – but he’s not a joke now. Paul somehow went from an amateur bout, to Triller and then transitioned to an actual respectable boxing promotion in Showtime Boxing.

“They will say that I was great for the sport, that they respect me, and that they were wrong,” Paul told Liam Happe at DAZN. “They’ll say they cannot believe what has happened, and admit that their perspective of me has changed.”

And regardless of how you feel about Paul personally, it’s an established fact he’s using his infamy to promote his client Amanda Serrano. Paul is currently promoting women’s boxing with a unique event featuring Katie Taylor vs Serrano. This is an event likely to go a long way in promoting women’s boxing in particular.

Paul and his team at Most Valuable Promotions (MVP) helped bring together the Taylor-Serrano fight after previously working with the “Real Deal” on last year’s boxing pay-per-view (PPV) cards.

“If people wanna show respect, then cool. If not, then cool. I’m still gonna be here doing my thing,” Paul said at the Taylor vs. Serrano press conference. “All I wanna do is bring more to this sport than I took from it and that’s what I’m trying to do. Get used to me, I’m gonna be here for awhile. All I’m trying to do is make boxing great again.”

Taylor vs. Serrano takes place on April 30 at Madison Square Garden in New York.

The event was previously slammed by legendary promoter Bob Arum. Arum  told iFL TV: ‘As good a fight as that is, come on, for whatever reason it is, people don’t particularly pay attention to the women fights. The answer is ESPN made the schedule and they couldn’t care less.’

‘I don’t wanna denigrate fights, I don’t wanna be accused of being anti-women in sports, but I’m telling you, this is like the Premier League against women’s football.’