Jake Paul claims Nate Diaz “ducked” $10M MMA offer despite previously agreeing

Jake Paul recently asserted that Nate Diaz ‘ducked’ on their previously agreed-upon $10 million offer for an MMA showdown, despite having initially committed to it prior to their boxing encounter in early August.

Since venturing into the realm of professional boxing, Jake Paul has notched impressive victories against mixed martial artists seeking to test their skills in the boxing ring. His ambition has led him to openly challenge Conor McGregor and UFC president Dana White. This drive led him to ink a partnership with the PFL for his debut in the super division.

Following Jake’s win over Nate Diaz, the duo had mutually agreed that a rematch would transpire within the confines of the cage. However, Jake now contends that Nate has “ducked” their $10 million deal.

Jake extended a two-bout proposal to Nate: the first one to unfold within the boxing ring and the subsequent encounter inside the MMA cage. Nate consented under the provision that the bout would not take place under the PFL banner

This revelation emerged during Jake’s interview with TMZ Sports on September 5. He voiced his disappointment, remarking: “We’re at the drawing board right now. Nate Diaz ducked the $10 million offer, so he’s not the badass that everyone said he was.”

He continued: “I wanted to fight him in MMA and do something that no boxer has really ever done, which is, in the prime of their career, go over to MMA. MMA fighters have gone over to boxing, but I want to go over to MMA and Nate Diaz ducked the offer.”

Jake recounted his efforts to privately negotiate an agreement post-Nate’s public acceptance, yet these endeavors ultimately yielded no results. Consequently, he is working towards finding himself a new rival.

As of now, Jake Paul has yet to solidify a definitive date for his return to the boxing ring or his much-anticipated MMA debut. He remains optimistic about a forthcoming announcement, promising fans that news will surface “soon.”