Jake Paul challenges Floyd Mayweather: “He doesn’t even know the names of the guys he’s fighting.”

Jake Paul called out boxing legend Floyd Mayweather again with a new proposal for a boxing contest.

The YouTuber claimed that Mayweather is scared to face him, because he is ready to break Mayweather’s undefeated streak.

Jake Paul has been eying a boxing bout with Floyd Mayweather for a long time. The first actual development in their rivalry happened at a press conference when his brother Logan Paul was scheduled to face Mayweather. Jake stole Mayweather’s hat to initiate the rivalry.

Jake believed from the start that he could beat the boxing legend. Paul always thought he was one step ahead of his brother regarding professional boxing. He solidified his belief after his brother stood toe to toe with Mayweather, resulting in a no-contest during their exhibition bout in June 2021.

Floyd Mayweather announced his retirement from professional boxing in 2017 after scoring a win against former UFC champion Conor McGregor. Since then, he has been involved in many exhibitions around the world. Mayweather won a bout against Mikuru Asakura this past weekend.

After the bout, Jake Paul took things further when he criticized Floyd Mayweather for choosing unknown opponents to box. He delivered a long speech in a video message posted on his Twitter account. He said,

“Alright, ladies and gentlemen, picture this: It’s 2022, Floyd Mayweather is ruining his legacy fighting no-name guys, wasting his fan’s money, wasting his fans’ time. . “He doesn’t even know the names of the guys he’s fighting.”

“Just to make some money to pay his tax bills. Floyd Mayweather telling Jake Paul that you will only fight Jake Paul if he comes down to his weight, 140 pounds or something. I can’t believe what’s going on in the world. I can’t believe this is real. Floyd, I will fight you. And you know that’s one of the biggest fights to make in boxing. I weigh 175, you weigh 165 — we can get that done, make a couple $100 million. But what will your excuse be?”

Jake claimed that Mayweather did not have any issue with his brother’s weight but had a problem now, which means that Mayweather is scared of him. He further stated,

“You didn’t care what my brother weighed, so why do you care what I weigh? Oh, because you know — you know what’s going to happen. I want to say, ‘I’ve got your 0.’ I don’t want to just say, ‘I’ve got your hat.’ I got your 0.But you’re going to find a way to dance around this. You’ve said, ‘Once he finds a professional fighter, he’s going to get destroyed’.”

“‘It’ll be back for him.’ Why not let that be you? The best ever. There’s only one Mayweather. But he’s scared to fight Jake Paul. It’s 2022, I can’t believe what the f***’s going on, guys.”


During an interview with TMZ, Mayweather said,
“I think he [Jake Paul] was doing a sit-down on a podcast one time. He talked about it and he said, ‘I don’t want to do an exhibition against Floyd Mayweather.’ He said, ‘I’m only doing real fights.’ And of course, I can’t get high up in weight, but I’ll fight him in a real fight at the weight that I’m at.”

There were rumors that Floyd would face another Youtuber Deji later this year. On the other hand, Paul is scheduled for a boxing event against UFC legend Anderson Silva.