Jake Paul blasts KSI for criticizing Tyson match: Tyson will actually fight me. So who’s a b*tch now?

YouTube star turned boxer Jake Paul has fired back at his longtime rival KSI after the British entertainer criticized Paul’s upcoming exhibition boxing match against Mike Tyson. In a furious rant, Paul mocked KSI and questioned his manhood for refusing to step into the ring against the former heavyweight boxing champion.

“You want to know the difference between Mike Tyson and KSI? Mike Tyson will actually fight me. So who’s a b*tch now?” Paul exclaimed. “Mike’s 57, but Mike signed the contract, you f**king b*tch KSI.”

Paul, who has been relentlessly promoting his pay-per-view exhibition against Tyson, proceeded to insult KSI’s YouTube content and physique. “You’re just fat running around doing Sidemen YouTube videos, and I’m changing the sport of boxing, the biggest fight of the 21st century, Netflix.”

The 26-year-old also reminded KSI that just a year ago, he admitted Tyson would beat him and that he wouldn’t take that fight. “You also said a year ago that Mike Tyson would beat you, and that you wouldn’t take the fight because of that. So make up your f**king mind.”

Paul closed his rant by branding KSI as an “insecure” and “cowardly b*tch” who lashes out when others find success. The heated exchange further fuels the bitter rivalry between the two YouTubers-turned-boxers that began with two amateur bouts in 2018 and 2019 before turning professional.

“He’s going to have so many people watching,” KSI said. “Millions and millions. Everyone is going to know him as the guy who knocked out an old Mike Tyson.

“But imagine if he gets knocked out by Mike Tyson.”

“I guess because legacy is my thing, I just feel like for Jake Paul, his legacy is going to be, ‘He can knock out old people,’” KSI said.

“What’s next though? Who is he going to fight next, Muhammad Ali?” he added later. “Is he going to dig him up?! [Laughs.]”