Jake Paul betting on Dillon Danis taking two Ls this year – in the courtroom and the ring

In the upcoming Misfits Boxing event ‘The PRIME Card’ on October 14, all eyes are on the anticipated boxing match between Logan Paul and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist Dillon Danis. The event is set to take place in Manchester.

But the buildup to the bout has taken a controversial turn as Danis relentlessly targets Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal through a barrage of provocative posts and ruthless memes. This move by Danis not only fueled interest in the bout but also led to a surge in his own social media following.

Appearing on the Full Send podcast, Jake Paul shed light on the rationale behind his brother’s choice of Dillon Danis as an opponent.

He said: “It’s attacking Nina. It’s building hype for the fight. He’s creating this whole troll army. Creating all these memes. And this is why Logan picked him.”

“Obviously, he talks a lot of sh*t and he talks so much sh*t that Khabib [Nurmagomedov] tried to jump out of the ring and jump-kick him after beating Conor [McGregor]. So he sells fights and we’ll see if he shows up, but at the end of the day, it’s made this fight massive.”

Regrettably, Danis’ trolling tactics took a grievous turn when he shared an explicit photograph of Agdal from a “romantic encounter” over a decade ago. This act prompted Agdal to initiate legal action against Danis, alleging a breach of both state and federal ‘revenge p*rn’ laws due to the unauthorized sharing of a private image.

Danis now faces federal charges that could result in substantial legal expenses and potential damages, potentially amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Paul continued: “He was a puppet to sell the fight and he did just that. And when Logan knocks him out and he’s in a federal court case, he’s gonna go bankrupt and he’s gonna be knocked out and everyone’s gonna see the loser that the kid is. He had his run. He got his giggles. He got his laughs. He got some clout out of it, but it’s short-lived when it’s not built off of something real.”

When questioned about his personal viewpoint regarding Danis’ online assault on Agdal, Jake Paul admitted to seeing it from multiple angles. Having experienced considerable public scrutiny of his private life in recent years, he acknowledged being somewhat desensitized to such trolling.

Paul stated, “You don’t want people attacking your family, but I don’t know if I’m just so used to it or numb, or like, expecting of it. And I’ve been through the wringer.”

“Everything about me is already out there so it’s like freeing in a way. Once you’re liberated from that, you’re freed socially. So it’s kind of a cool thing, but I definitely don’t agree with the way he’s gone about it, but I see the other side of it.”

“Justice is a b*tch and now he’s dug himself into a hole that he didn’t have to dig himself into. At the end of the day, Logan’s going to get his hand raised and Nina’s going to get her hand raised in the court of law.”